I am Edith (AKA Arya Kama), artist & craftswoman Guyanese (born in the lands of the magical Amazonian forest above), of African Nigerian descent, and founder of Aynïn® (which is an acronym for “ All You Need Is In Nature »). The Aynïn Wellness center promotes simple and healthy habits to adopt on a daily basis to remind us of the importance of a lifestyle closer to Nature. Energetic jewelry and bracelets, lucky charms amulets, meditation & yoga workshops, so relax and let your intuition guide you in our small boutique of serenity.

Collection 01/2022 : Ọshun
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    Ethnic Bracelet

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    Bracelet Ẹya - AyninBracelet Ẹya - Aynin
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    Bracelet Omi

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    Bracelet Omi - AyninBracelet Omi - Aynin
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    Ifé bracelet

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    Bracelet Ifé - AyninBracelet Ifé - Aynin
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    Women's Bracelet

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    Bracelet Obinrin - AyninBracelet Obinrin - Aynin
  • Ibawi earrings

    These timeless curls seem to have crossed the centuries since Kemet, and are charged with the aura of the Pharaohs and Queens Kamites.

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  • Handmade Boucles d'oreilles

    These protective earrings are adorned with an ancestral amulet known in North Africa against the evil eye and jealous people.

    See the creation 
  • Oore earrings

    These sensual earrings with 3 cowries embody Africa and its generosity (its peoples), its wealth (its resources), and its beauty (its cultures).

    See the creation 

Collection Handmade Ọshun

Broche à cheveux (Pin) Eweko - Aynin

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you pthent
 trees in africa through our support for Reforis' Action.

Discover HERE what you are helping to achieve for Nature. Thanks.  💚

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  • Need Light?

    You may be a bit like me, you feel like you're on the fringes of society, you have an intense rejection of the doxa and hate having to go into boxes. So you don't.

    For you the word freedom worth all the gold in the world, and you literally live for yours. But our freedom darling to price, and this price is to owe fight every day to defend it, to impose it. This fight quickly becomes exhausting, as much morally what physically, and we need this rest of the warrior and the warrior, we need to resources, if loosen, of meditate, and of let go on what we cannot change, for the better us focus on what on what we can to act in nos vies.

    It is precisely for that that I created this Blog.
    Come on join me there, we're going to talk about things of the soul.
    Edith ☥