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  • Bracelet Omi - Aynin
  • Bracelet Omi - Aynin
  • Bracelet Omi - Aynin
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Aynin Jewel

Bracelet Omi

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Water means "Water" in Yoruba, the Nigerian language.
  • Semi-precious stones: Blue Apatite
  • Ornamental pieces: Glass, Silver plated metal, Strass
  • Charm : Acrylic Light Bead
  • Strap Body: Silver Alloy
  • Collection : Ọshun
  • Model : Blue Apatite Omi
  • Strap length: Adjustable to all wrists

This elegant bracelet, handmade in France in the Aynin workshop, is a jewel that embodies the Dream.

Her gems and energy: The blue Apatite stone brings serenity, dispels the negative in you and around you, and helps you communicate better with others.

Your anchorage with your protection stones: Squeezing your beads between your fingers, close your eyes and charge them with intention. Blue Apatite promotes the connection between matter and consciousness, and invites you to speak your truth as it is a powerful energetic catalyst. It also helps you understand the symbolism of your dreams.

 Delivery : France only.